Presentation time

It is required that your presentation strictly adheres to the given presentation talk time, as stated in the programme.



It must be guaranteed that all content used in your presentation can be shown online on the EWMA Virtual Conference platform during and after the congress. If your presentation includes sensitive data, please remove this data before you upload your slides to the M Events system.

Format and recording


Presentation format

  • Format: PPTX or PPT, no keynote format is supported.
  • Slide size: 16:9. You can use the EWMA template (DOWNLOAD HERE) or your own template in 16:9.
  • Please include a Conflict of Interest declaration as the first or second slide.
  • Number of slides: No limit, depending on duration of talk.


Technical requirements

  • Webcam or build-in camera in the laptop
  • Min. 6 Mbit Internet connection
  • Access to the audio of the laptop (we strongly recommend using a headset for better sound quality)
  • Make sure to have the laptop connected to the charger
  • Make sure to turn off all the notifications on the laptop
  • Please make sure to set the mobile phone on silent mode
  • Please record your presentation with video and audio as well as slides.


You have 2 options for recording:

1. Record in a system of your choice (i.e. Zoom or similar). Final file to be uploaded should be Mp4. 

Please find step-by-step guideline how to record in Zoom here.


2. Record in Power Point: Use the recorder function in Power Point to record your presentation with audio and video. 

Please find step-by-step guideline for recordings in Power Point here.



Upload your presentation


Upload deadline: 21 October 2021, 23:59 CEST


  • To upload your slides, please use the link which has been sent to you via email.
  • During the upload process, you will be requested to upload a portrait photo of yourself


Attend the live session 


Before the virtual congress, you will receive a separate e-mail from M Events with an invitation link to the virtual conference room of your online session via Zoom. To join the virtual conference room, open your personal presentation link and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the virtual conference room. Further information on the use of the virtual conference room will be provided in a separate e-mail.


During the scheduled session time, as stated in the programme, all speakers and chairpersons should be present in front of their computers, incl. headset and/or microphone and webcam. The channel will be accessible 15 min prior to the session, allowing you some time to ask your session technician possible questions about the procedure.


What you will need for the recording and attending live:


  • A computer 
  • Headset (if possible) plugged in and ready (use of a microphone is also possible)
  • Webcam
  • E-mail with access link from M Events
  • A wired internet connection with a 6 Mbit upstream internet connection is recommended
  • Use Google Chrome

 Suggestions for optimal result:

  • Make sure you have closed all the other applications and programmes on your computer
  • Make sure you are in the correct location with a neutral background and without background noises so you can't be interrupted
  • Avoid making noise when your microphone is open (e.g. do not type on your keyboard)
  • Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking
  • Choose a location with sufficient lighting but avoid direct sunlight into your webcam
  • Consider raising your webcam or laptop so that it is at eye level and you can sit upright


For further information regarding the system requirements to use the Zoom application on common operating systems as well as useful recommendations for headset, microphone and webcam models, please follow the link below: