A few days before the EWMA 2020, you will receive an e-mail from M Events with the invitation link to the virtual conference room of your live session. To join the virtual conference room, open your personal chair link to get to your session view:


On the top right corner of this page you will find a button “Join Meeting” which will open the assigned Zoom meeting of your session:



The Zoom application, that will open upon clicking on “Join Meeting”, can be used as a browser-based plug-in (on Google Chrome) or as a desktop client after downloading and installing the Zoom application on your computer. We recommend the download and installation of the Zoom application for the full functionality of Zoom https://zoom.us/download. If you cannot (or are not allowed) to download Zoom, you can access Zoom by selecting ‘join from browser’. 


In Zoom you will be able to see and to communicate with the speakers, chairs and a technical host.


Once you are connected to the Zoom meeting, please return to the Session-View-Page repeat screenshot, which is still open in your Browser. 



The Session-View-Page always opens on the “Chair-View-Tab” where you see an overview of all presentations of the session you are chairing. 

Sessions will consist of pre-recorded presentations followed by a live discussion. When a session starts, the chairpersons will introduce the upcoming presentations and the technician will start the pre-recorded presentations. All speakers are kindly requested to attend the entire session, if possible, including the live discussion.

 To see the slides being presented during your session, please click on “Live Session Slides”
 in the top right corner of the page (next to Chair-View). When presentation slides are played live, the “Live Session Slides” tab will show the round indicator “1”:


View of presentation slides:


 We aim to enhance optimal interaction with the audience during the live discussions. Therefore all sessions will feature a live chat box, where delegates can ask questions. The chairs will lead the discussion(s) and select questions from the audience.




Any technical questions to the technician can be addressed in the “Tech Chat” field:

Recommendations for chair persons:


  1. At the start of the session: Explain the purpose of the session and introduce the speakers/moderators/panel members. All speakers and chairpersons will be visible at the start of the session and during the Q&A. In between presentations only chairpersons will be visible.
  2. Pay attention to key messages. People remember best the first things they hear, so don’t bury your key messages in the middle.
  3. Actively listen. You need to listen only what the participant is saying, not your next question. Show you are doing this by picking up on what they say and making smooth transitions to your next point or participant.
  4. Give visual cues. Encourage participants by giving visual cues, like nodding your head to encourage people while they are speaking. You have to be clearer and more structured than when you moderate in person. 
  5. Manage the time. You need to manage the length of your presenters’ interventions and allow enough time for the live questions and answers orally or through the chat box.
  6. Close the session by providing a recap of the main points and outline the next steps. 
  7. Chat box: be aware that if you delete a question it is deleted for everyone. 
  8. Master the technology: Mute/unmute icons, the chat box, etc. 



Pay attention to the following during the session:


  1. Speak clearly and slightly slower than normal. Relax and control your own breath.
  2. If you want to keep your audience engaged, you have to be more expressive with your facial gestures, hands and voice modulation.
  3. Restrict body movement as much as possible. Excessive movements are disruptive to viewers.
  4. If you need to get up turn off your camera.
  5. Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
  6. Avoid making noise when your microphone is open (e.g. do not type on your keyboard).
  7. The technician will start the presentations after the introduction of the chair 
  8. Make sure your eyes are approximately third of the screen down. Look straight into your webcam. Raise your webcam or laptop (eg use a stack of books) so that it is at eye level and you can sit upright
  9. Try to achieve a similar distance from the camera as the other speakers




During the scheduled session time, as stated in the programme, all speakers and chairpersons should be present and in front of their computers, incl. headset If possible (or microphone) and join also via webcam. The virtual conference room will be accessible 15 minutes prior to the session, allowing you some time to ask your session technician possible questions about the procedure. A technician will also be on hand during the session, should you have any difficulties.


What you will need:

  • A computer 
  • Headset (if possible) plugged in and ready (use of a microphone is also possible)
  • A webcam
  • E-mail with access link from M Events
  • A wired internet connection with a 5 Mbit upstream internet connection is recommended
  • Use Google Chrome (most recent version)
  • Zoom: The Zoom application can be used as a browser-based plug-in (on Google Chrome) or as a desktop client by downloading and installing the Zoom application on your computer. We recommend the download and installation of the Zoom application for the full functionality of Zoom.
  • Use two screens or split one (wide)screen in two parts: use one for the zoom “talking heads” and one for the M Events speaker platform.
  • Choose a location with sufficient lighting but avoid direct sunlight into your webcam. We suggest you face a window so that you are lit from the front but your camera is not. Or if at night choose light which is flattering. You can also adjust the brightness of your computer screen.
  • Make sure you have closed all the other applications and programmes on your computer



For further information regarding the system requirements to use the Zoom application on common operating systems as well as useful recommendations for headset, microphone and webcam models, please follow the following link: 




Technical support


In case you have any technical questions, feel free to contact the M-Events Support team via ewma@m-events.com


A dedicated M Events technician will attend each session to assist the chairpersons and speakers.